Do you want to volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer your time to help those affected by the bushfires. Please follow the steps below. 

1. Create a Listing

A listing is your own profile. This profile will include any details you wish to share with people, such as: 

  • What skills you can offer
  • Location and where you can help
  • Availability and Contact details
  • Photos

People who need help will be able to visit your profile and contact you via direct message.

2. Get Accepted

Once you have submitted your listing. We will read over your details and you will be accepted.

This will be within 24hrs.

If you are not accepted, please make sure you have filled in the listing correctly. Otherwise contact us via the chat. 

3. Find people to help

Check your email and visit your listing. 

You can then use the Map Search to find people who need help. 

To find people who need your skills and who are in your area:

  1. Click ‘Find Places to Help‘ in the top menu
  2. Type in your suburb – left column (computer) or click search icon (on mobile)
  3. Choose a radius that you are willing to travel
  4. Tick box the skills how you can help
  5. Click search

4. Contact people

Once you have found someone that could use your help through searching the map (step 3). 

Visit their profile. Before you contact someone. Make sure you read their profile to be sure that your skills are needed.  You can contact them, either by:

  • Direct Message, 
  • Text / Call, or
  • Contact form (email)

Keep in mind that some people won’t have reception or internet. So they might not reply to you straight away.