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Food for Wildlife Melbourne

It is tricky to support wildlife feeding in East Gippsland when it's a four-hour drive away! But FoE is starting a mutual aid collective to figure out the best ways we can lend a hand to wildlife from the city.



Feeding wildlife
Do you have experience feeding wildlife after bushfires or during drought and simply need access to resources to do so now in East Gippsland? Check out the resources and locations of food hubs on the East Gippsland Landholders page and get in touch with us if you need further information. Email and write FEEDING in the subject line.

Nest Boxes for Wildlife
Would you like to help make nest boxes? Do you have skills in tree climbing and installing nest boxes? Send us an email at and write NEST BOXES in the subject line to get involved.

Fruit for Fruit Bats
Are you a dumpster diving or food waste networking wiz who can help collect free fruit to feed fruit bats in East Gippsland? Gathering enough fruit to feed orphaned and injured fruit bats is a never-ending task for wildlife carers. Let's help them out. To get involved with collecting fruit for fruit bats or delivering the fruit to wildlife carers in East Gippsland, email and write FRUIT BATS in the subject line.

Mutual Aid Collective
Would you like to be involved in helping us start a mutual aid collective to support wildlife feeders and carers in East Gippsland? Email and write MUTUAL AID in the subject line and let us know your ideas and how you'd like to be involved.


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